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  1. So the files are in there but the redstone testing world does not appear... Latest log found here: latest.log
  2. Hello I am here again I randomly crashed when in the end. I was in a end city and then I lost my progress from around 2 minutes prior. Please help I have attached the debug log here: Debug.log
  3. Ok, Thanks I did modify quark slightly but I hope if I delete all of them I can just edit them once again
  4. Maybe...Is this world still gonna be fine if I delete every single config file?
  5. Its still not working, Here is the latest debug log. Link
  6. I deleted it and the I still cant get into singleplayer worlds.
  7. Debug log is Here. Since you needed last time I figured out how to get.
  8. I had fixed the problem from before, But a new problem has come up where I cannot load singleplayer worlds because the wait times are upwards of 15+ minutes. Whereas yesterday I was able to load it with no problems whatsoever in less than 5 minutes. Can anybody help me with this problem? I will attach the latest.log to this to help. Link Can anybody help me with this problem because I tried putting more ram into it (14 GB it ran fine with 10GB yesterday) but it resets every time I try to load and then it crashes. Sorry if I'm not being specific enough if you need more information you can ask.
  9. I need help to actually upload the file <-< I didnt think it would be this difficult to do this one simple thing.
  10. Oh, Thanks but I am doing that now and fingers crossed that it works. I will include a SS of error if it does not work. edit: Still getting error.
  11. I tried using the github one since the debug log is 40,000 KB but it said error and a unicorn appeared. Halp! 😧
  12. Sorry, Let me get the full one. Also, it is quite big... Which part do you need exactly since I cant upload all of it (Too big to upload)
  13. Ok, The debug log is here: https://pastebin.aquilenet.fr/?b2c84859c3c0ad45#26FCvr6VHB8TKL24Ux83N7G1k1eCNAHhQJNaTuAYKLyB
  14. Hi, I need help with a heavily modded world. Whenever I hit a mob I get a crash on the world and then it takes 10 minutes to just get back in. I tried attaching the debug log with this but I couldnt do it either to help. Can anyone help with this? 2021-01-17-13.log.gz
  15. Is this it? https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/1ec6a5ab9d424d9ba1269175560d3180
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