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  1. Ok so i did everything right and i lunched my server whit forge.jar and it launched and then disappear and when i do everything again this happens
  2. because it is finished idk how that works
  3. thank you it worked it works now so u can close this topic now thank u
  4. sorry now it should be ok
  5. what now it loaded this files to get my server on what should i do
  6. i did when i run it this happens
  7. no i did everything i have java 8 291 and also jdk 8 and it isn't working it won't add me mods folder and the others folder i should have
  8. where shoud i download it i tried in oracle site is it jdk or normal java
  9. I want to start forge server i followed tutorial but when i want to start forge.jar nothing happens at least i see nothing and mods folder want show i tried even running it whit run.bat file still doesn't work here is the log
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