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  1. I'm sorry, i don't know how close this topic, @diesieben07 if you can do it pls ^^
  2. I have already look, but now i think i'm so stupid... My answer was under my eyes...... I'm happy and angry..... Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you
  3. So I will explain what I am looking for. I would like to render a message above the head, like the nickname (i'm using RenderEntityEvent ). However when the player is in a cave as example, the player on the surface will not see his nickname. ( At a good distance of course ). In 1.12.2, I used the RenderSystem.enableAlphaTest() to see the text through blocks. I use the FontRenderer#drawInBatch() method to render my text however RenderSystem.enableAlphaTest() is deprecreated & seem doesn't work for FontRenderer#drawInBatch() method. So that's why i need help please !
  4. Already did and i didn't found about an alternative. However i checked PlayerRender class to see how nameTag render is used however i didn't found information about transparency of nametag. ( I mean we can see nametag throught blocks )
  5. Hello, I come here because I noticed that the function GlStateManager._enableAlphaTest(); was deprecated. This is probably due to the new 3d engine. It bothers me a lot and despite my research I haven't found an alternative, could you help me?
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