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  1. Is it an issue to create custom launchers ? Thanks for the help, Corentin
  2. The goal is to launch the game with the account of the user. I'm making some launchers, that's why I need to launch Microsoft accounts under 1.16.1 MC version for my customers
  3. Hi everyone, I'm working on how to get Microsoft tokens on all the versions, and I found that under 1.16.1 versions of MC, Forge does not take the Microsoft tokens. I've found the MSMC library (that's really cool!), but the library does not resolve my issue 😬. I'm using MCLC library for launch/download the game. Really thanks for your help and have a good day, Corentin de Maupeou Here's the error message : Here's my codes for the funcs : ipcMain.handle('microsoft_login', () => { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { msmc.fastLaunch('raw', console.log).then(result => { if (msmc.errorCheck(result)) return reject(result.reason) if (result.type !== 'Success') return dialog.showErrorBox('Oups ! Une erreur est survenue, veuillez réessayer (004)', Errors.microsoft_account) else resolve(JSON.stringify(result)) }).catch(reject) }) }) ipcMain.handle('microsoft_refresh', (e, data) => { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { const account = data.account msmc.refresh(account.profile, console.log) .then(e => resolve(JSON.stringify(e))) .catch(reject) }) }) Here's my code for giving to MCLC the tokens : // Adding auth if (localStorage.getItem('microsoft_account')) options = { authorization: msmc.getMCLC().getAuth(JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('microsoft_account'))), ...options } else options = { authorization: { access_token: e.access_token, client_token: e.client_token, uuid: e.uuid, name: e.name, user_properties: e.user_properties }, ...options }
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