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  1. Hello, I am new to Forge Modding and I've been researching on how to add Biomes to my forge mod.

    I am looking todo this so I can release both Fabric and Forge versions of my mod upon release so I don't have the pressure to get a forge version done asap and so both versions can actually play the mod.

    I just need some basic insight on how to setup adding a biome, I've currently got the project setup and I've gone through a few YT tutorials (1.16.1 at oldest and 1.16.4 at newest) and don't seem to work with 1.17.1 and I've tried updating the code to 1.17.1 but nothing has worked.

    If someone can tell me to add a biome that can at least generate the "grass layer" as a different block I think I will be capable of going from there!

    Thank you for reading and any help is appreciated!

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