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  1. can't i delete the dim folders? Now it says some datapacks(?) are preventing load...
  2. Latest : https://paste.ee/p/WfzcP DeBug : https://paste.ee/p/wcZaE
  3. i deleted chisel reborn and it fixed it so it's not a vanilla thing.
  4. Latest log : https://paste.ee/p/umluq DeBug log : https://paste.ee/p/CLe0h Thanks for any help, i did update (Or tried to) my drivers, but it did nothing.
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I7O5XJOm_-_h-DJ9iv3pIjnYr9YrzXgg/view?usp=sharing to big of a file for pastbin and others, sorry about that.
  6. Mod list : https://paste.ee/p/eFLHU Can anyone tell me what mods are causing this (And how to get Rubidium to work) Thanks.
  7. Latest : https://paste.ee/p/0XcRO Log : https://paste.ee/p/ooyII
  8. works now with a little work on my side, thanks!
  9. did that, disabled it and it said I need to remove 3 mods. Did that to and new Null error https://paste.ee/p/1umzV
  10. new log? "Not Enough Crashes" Just gave me a link to this https://bytebin.lucko.me/2W8HoAtzO0 is it helpful?
  11. New crash log: https://paste.ee/p/rKgDy Latest: https://paste.ee/p/JuA3F Debug:https://paste.ee/p/l5viN
  12. ya that was my bad, the C:\ drive ran out of space and i had a hard and confusing time with it. That file does exist and here is the txt https://paste.ee/p/pOhXd
  13. the instance never launched before so a lot of files aren't there, and that's one of them.
  14. exit code 1, no other logs in log folder or when it says "exit code 1" sorry.
  15. k, did that new DEBUG.log https://paste.ee/p/TqFWM
  16. I don't have any other logs but latest.log ... sorry.
  17. thanks, new crash tho... https://paste.ee/p/YdaMJ
  18. log : https://paste.ee/p/B0TwI It's a Create and quality based pack (Private) and i don't think much could be the problem besides the block compatibility mods that do a similar thing to each other. Thanks.
  19. disabled it worked, went to create world. Crash... Log https://paste.ee/p/gXDwl Latest https://paste.ee/p/I21Od
  20. java just updated and now i have more logs. log https://paste.ee/p/ix0ZQ Latest https://paste.ee/p/oY4fP
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