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  1. Hey guys, i set up a little linux v-server for me and my Friends, everything worked okayish, but suddenly we got some crashes randomly when someone logged in. this is the modpack we use for our server: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/better-mc-forge here is one of the crash logs: https://pastebin.com/embed_js/sEfbVeBf afterwards i tried to give the server more RAM, so i edited the unix_args.txt file and added -xms6g and -xmx10g to it, afterwards the server didnt start anymore because it looked like i put it in the wrong place (sorry but somehow pastebin doesnt work anymore): i deleted it and now i get following crash log when i try to start the server: in this log i can see that there are already 2 flags for my RAM allocation, but somehow that crafttweaker mod wont load anymore... what i also should mention: even when the server started, it randomly didnt load all the mods, sometimes one mod gets loaded, sometimes another one, but i cant really tell which ones... i also have pretty often server lags, i feel them ingame and i see them in the server log (e.g. one servertick took 2195 seconds, is the server overloaded?) i hope someone can help me, if you need further information please tell me and im willing to post them here! thanks in advice! Kiva
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