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  1. So, I tried to do a custom liquid, only thing, I couldn't get it to work. It looked correct, but I couldn't swim in it? What do I do? I don't want the player to drown in it, but at the same time, I would like to have the player swim, and while in the fluid receive a regen. My material class (Which is what I assume is where you need to do it):
  2. I assume you want a custom Item Model: I made a tutorial for this on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJMr4sV8KPo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY2kgGa70Z4 And a mistake I made in them is fixed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGjy_SC4Ml4
  3. There is this RenderType: FIRST_PERSON_MAP I assume you would use it much like you would use EQUIPPED or EQUIPPED_FIRST_PERSON. That is just a guess though.
  4. Never mind, I used LivingUpdateEvent (Couldn't find it before) and I just said if a few conditions are met, then divide the motion by a given number based on the dimension.
  5. I am pretty sure that is only called when they hit the ground.
  6. Hey guys, I want to check and see if a player is falling, and if so I want to set their motion to about 1/7 of what it is. I know how to do the second part, but, how do I check to see if they are falling? What event would I use, or would I have to create my own event?
  7. M'kay... So, I tried registering an entity, it went fine. Except for when I logged off, and back on, it got cloned twice, and immediately started fighting it's clones. So, I went and thought "Hey, maybe I registered it wrong!" So Instead of registering it with a global ID, I registered it with a register mod entity. And that gives me this error: This is the area I changed: This is the whole class:
  8. I firkin love you! Only one problem. I've noticed that if I log out and then back in, he gets cloned twice, so there are three of him... What is causing that?
  9. Look at how mojang does it. I haven't tried it myself in a long time ( I am about to have to) but, it shouldn't be too hard.
  10. I'd recommend using a custom "damage value" instead of the vanilla one. Then you could do a lot more.
  11. Looks right to me, my suggestion though would be to look at milk, and see what that does.
  12. l, I tried to make my dimension into a sky dimension, so I could add clouds to it and not have it look stupid. But when I did it, it came out as this: My grass block only spawns in certain areas, then dirt where there should be grass, and there is also rock, where there should be grass.... I changed the code up doing what ever I could, but to no avail... Any help? Here is my current code for the chunk provider:
  13. Hello all, I recently made a "boss" for minecraft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIZqhlnQqb4 Only thing is, I can't figure out how to render a health bar above him. Would anyone know how to do this? I tried looking at the entity Wither and at the EntityDragon, but could find anything, is it something in a tickhandler? Or do I put it in the render class? Or what? Thanks in advance!
  14. Glad I could help. I am not the best with Java so whenever I get the chance to help I jump at it.
  15. A Tickhandler basically checks something on an event. For example, I am using my Tickhandler to check if a player falls in my custom dimension, and if they do, then I want the fall damage to be reduced significantly. Here is the outline of a basic Tickhandler: And that is your basic Tickhandler. Hope that helps. EDIT: To register your TH, you need to put this in your main class: TickRegistry.registerTickHandler(new NAMETickHandler(), What ever side your tickhandler needs to be on, probably Side.SERVER, but it could be Side.CLIENT, I'd recommend Side.SERVER though.);
  16. Darn, Draco beat me to it. But yeah, I'd recommend using metadata. Really the only way to do it. If you don't know how, use the tutorials he linked.
  17. I'd recommend looking at the code in the Item class for that method, it should have the code for making the player slow down, use an at override method on the one in your class and remove that line of code slowing the player down. Should suffice for your purposes.
  18. And again, I am back. (This place has been a huge help to me. ) So I am having a problem, I can't make my custom sand generator work in my dimension... Here is the Sand generator for my dimension: And here is the biome I am trying to get it to generate in: Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  19. So.... I tried some things.... Screwed a lot of them up... And I finally thought of this. I wanted to spawn a lightning bolt in the world whenever my custom projectile hit a block. One problem. The lightning does not appear. Oh, it lights the stuff on fire, makes the noise, and all that great stuff, even spawns the smoke particles I didn't even know appeared... But it doesn't render... What am I doing wrong?
  20. I did that earlier, and it didn't work. Hence my coming here. I can do the maths. I swear. I just wasn't sure If there was a way to check to reduce it (as in dividing it by 3). Thank you diesieben. I do appreciate that.
  21. I am just going to assume your having a bad day. When you set it to anything above 0, then no matter what height you fall from it always applies that damage. So even if I jumped onto a block, I'd get that damage. I want to significantly reduce not have a standard value.
  22. Hello all. If you've been reading the topics I've been posting, you'll know that I've made a dimension, in this dimension however, I'd like to have fall damaged reduced significantly. I can negate it entirely right now in an event handler doing this: But I want to reduce the fall damage, not negate it... Anyone know how I could do that?
  23. I feel rather stupid now. I had a mess up originally so the render I had after was not rendering, I had a test method I forgot to take out... And a few other things. I fixed it though. Lesson learned: NEVER code when you are this wiped out... Thanks for the help guys!
  24. Erm..... Yes? I tried it before I rendered it originally and I had the same results, so I started flipping things and placing them before/after just in case. This was my end result. I'll try having it before again though...
  25. Getting a strange error on my Item Renderer, first, it renders it at the shoulder, and no matter what I do, it is always on the shoulder. Second It pulls up the minecraft sprite texture sheet instead of the one I gave it... I am not sure what is wrong, here is the Item renderer class though. I can provide a screenie if necessary.
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