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  1. A mod came out for 1.5.2 im making a map with it, but i just Googled one of the files, and download the other from my friend. The problem was, i couldn't locate the scala-library and the bcprov-jdk15on-148 on you're website. I got it to work. But the problem was, the installer for the server couldn't get those two files
  2. i posted the logs a few comments back, i had to install it universal to get them
  3. I did, i went back and installed via universal to get the logs, the installer didnt work in the first place for the server, that why i went back and used universal
  4. So i installed it Universal, and got logs from it, it looks like the files wont download cause the link its using doesn't exist
  5. That one of the problems, it doesn't even produce normal logs because it wont even start, it pops up in a text box
  6. I have been trying to run a server with forge for the past 2 days, but every time i try to run the mincraft-forge jar, i get "A Java Exception has occurred". I have ran forge servers before and never had any problems, i updated java, and tried re installing the forge server, but nothing works. The weird thing is, it doesn't seem to produce a crash report like normal, i car run a normal server just fine, and any 1.6.x servers as well, just not the 1.5.2 i need?
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