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  1. I don't even keep my code in a maven repo. My mods are not open source.
  2. Call me really curious, I am indeed. I want to know how you guys would prefer the layout of your Forge 1.7.2 modding workspace. What I have is a regular workspace set up for IntelliJ IDEA, but with any credits, license and readme files in an extra folder called "reference", and I deleted the gradlew file that does not correspond to my Operating System. What about you guys?
  3. So what would it look like, then?
  4. Okay, I understand that modders have to include their own WorldGenNetherMinable class when making Nether ores. But then... how does nether quartz ore generate?
  5. Ah, I think I get it. And it was 23 minutes, at least. Close, but not exactly.
  6. As in, change the mod id variable in @Instance to the mod id of the other mod?
  7. Description: Initializing game java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can not set static com.tiexex.emeraldnquartz.EmeraldNQuartz field com.tiexex.emeraldnquartz.EmeraldNQuartz.instance to com.tiexex.smiley.SmileyGemMod at sun.reflect.UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.throwSetIllegalArgumentException(UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.java:164) at sun.reflect.UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.throwSetIllegalArgumentException(UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.java:168) at sun.reflect.UnsafeStaticObjectFieldAccessorImpl.set(UnsafeStaticObjectFieldAccessorImpl.java:79) at java.lang.reflect.Field.set(Field.java:741) at c
  8. No, as in the extra FEATURES require that mod. It works standalone, but has features that activate when the other mod is loaded. I have an if(Loader.isModLoaded()) statement that detects that mod, but the crash says something about a static instance of the other mod.
  9. Okay, so I am trying to add something in my mod that does not depend on the other, but requires the other to be loaded. I get a crash error about a static instance of the other mod.
  10. Well, that fixed it. Thread LOCKED.
  11. ALRIGHT, HOLD YOUR HORSES. I'll see if that works.
  12. Uhm... I go into the out folder in my workspace and put those class files into a zip package. Mods still work as zip files. Could this be because I have to actually run the edited code before packaging?
  13. It shouldn't be, I mean it's referencing the line you would normally add to put the item into a creative tab, and that's not even there.
  14. Have you even read what the error WAS? Plus, it isn't missing anything.
  15. For some reason, when I have compiled my mod for 1.7.2 with build and put it in my mods folder in my game, I get this crash: Here's the thing, however: THERE IS NO CODE THAT IS BOUND TO ERROR ANYWHERE. HOOOOWWWW???
  16. Did I mention that this only happens on full screen?
  17. I have the latest Forge build installed (, and I seem to be encountering a slight visual bug with the font during loading screens. During world generation and exiting, the text experiences what I can only describe as a strongly pixelated blur. Can anyone else vouch for this?
  18. There's proof for it in an FMLModDisabledEvent class where the FMLInitializationEvent is, and as a value used by the @Mod annotation.
  19. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6rj3dUvAg1rx95fwo1_400.gif[/img]
  20. That was probably the best thing I ever read regarding this.
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