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  1. First of all, thanks for this great tutorial! Second, how would I get the response from the packet handler?
  2. It seems that I still don't know anything about entities. I am unable to spawn my entity ( https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Fentities%2FEntityRocket.java ) through my ItemRocket ( https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Fitems%2FItemRocket.java ). Quick side note: Whenever I drop my ItemRocket onto the ground, it spawns the entity on my head, permanently http://puu.sh/d7K6P/ad66ab5010.png no clue at all how I managed that. Thanks!
  3. But if you must use item names, provided that you know the modid for said item, you could use GameRegistry.findItem(modid,name)
  4. I'd recommend using the writeToNBT and readFromNBT methods already provided by ItemStacks instead of saving item names
  5. Makes sense, but how would the createEntity method look?
  6. Here: https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Fitems%2FItemRocket.java#L20
  7. That's literally all there is, but if you wish: http://pastebin.com/DJGtcrgG
  8. I'm getting this really weird crash when spawning my entity: http://pastebin.com/QGRdqDb5 . Just note that I have absolutely no experience with entities, so... I don't exactly know what I'm doing Any help is appreciated! Relevant code: Main class: https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2FPeripheralsPlusPlus.java Entity class: https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Fentities%2FEntityRocket.java Client proxy: https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Fproxy%2FClientProxy.java
  9. I wish to have an item that could be put in a crafting table with a "modifier" item. Based on this item, the crafting result would be the first item, but with a modified nbt. But I have no idea how this would be done.
  10. I have a mac and I wish to create some models for my mod. Can't find any good software for mac, hoping you guys could help!
  11. Bump. Sorry, but I really don't understand what's wrong.
  12. Wow, can't believe I missed that! Still getting the same problem after fixing it though.
  13. Hi, I was making a tile entity that would need to detect nearby tile entities. I check all sides of the block on each updateEntity() method call, but it is unable to detect any nearby tile entities. I added a debug line to print the name of the blocks it detected, and they all returned as "tile.air" despite the blocks clearly not being air blocks. Code: https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Ftiles%2FTileEntityRFCharger.java Thanks!
  14. How could I get the list of players without the world object? I've tried getting the TE to update an array of players each tick and save it to a private variable, but I get an NPE whenever I try to access it from within the callMethod() method.
  15. How exactly would I get the TE from the world?
  16. That has fixed it, but now I'm getting an NPE because the world object is null.
  17. I have no idea what's going on, I'm new to TEs so any help is appreciated! The stacktrace: http://pastebin.com/xVfTx8F1 The (likely) problem classes: the Block/TEProvider class https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Fblocks%2FChatBox.java , the TE class https://github.com/austinv11/PeripheralsPlusPlus/blob/master/src%2Fmain%2Fjava%2Fcom%2Faustinv11%2Fperipheralsplusplus%2Ftiles%2FTileEntityChatBox.java Thanks!
  18. Thanks so much! I have no idea why I didn't think of that.
  19. Hey guys, I've been trying to fix this bug for over a week and it's really halted development of my mod. The problem lies in the getAspectCoords method located here. For some reason, the method returns an integer array of {90,300} for each entry in the HashMap as seen here. As always, any response is appreciated!
  20. Ok, I'm just stupid, i was putting mods in the eclipse/mods folder instead of eclipse/assests/mods *facepalm*
  21. I wanted to work with NEI (and possibly WAILA), but I realized something - I had no idea what I was doing. No matter what I tried I couldn't figure out how to set it up, I couldn't even get it to work when loading minecraft from IDEA. It just wouldn't load (and yes, I was using the dev .jars and no, there were no errors in the log) Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I appreciate any help!
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