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  1. can you add me on skype or msn? skype: weeroo96 msn: i_saac96@hotmail.com
  2. thank you moritz and yeah i meant the item like a normal gun i will try your code as soon as possible and i will tell you how it goes
  3. you can use forge! it says in the license
  4. hey guys the title says it all. Can someone help me with this please i know it's really hard to do them i have tried alot of times and it wont work and i couldtn find any tutorials for this also if someone knows how to make cake like blocks and tameable mobs tell me too please hope you guys read this and can help me and sorry if its the wrong section and sorry to bother you
  5. hello guys so im having some problems with the rendering of my gun code, for example it shoots and it deals damage to the mobs but you cant actually see the bullet its invisiible so i was wondering if you guys know why is that happening and also i have a bug that when the clip runs out of ammo it looks like the image its in there but its actually not so i hope you guys can help me
  6. hey guys i was wondering if someone could make a gun or mob tutorial, i want to add that to my mod the bacon mod wich you can find it in here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1499035-132-bacon-mod-v10-forge/ .... so i hope someone can do this tutorial for me i will appreciate it alot and of course i will give alot of credit
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