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  1. Hi again. Does anyone know how exactly the Block/item registering in 1.8.9 works? The Problem I have with this, is that addVariantName is depreceated (doesn't work anymore) and replaced by registerItemVariants, like in 1.9. But most of 1.9's API like manual Registration (setRegistryName etc.) isn't implemented yet. At the moment I have: the actual block registration on server and client side in the pre-init phase: GameRegistry.registerBlock(block, ModWoodItem.class, name, block, subblockNames.toArray(new String[subblockNames.size()])); //name = Blockstatename ...the Item
  2. Oh. That... makes sence Well, I guess I can mark it as solved then. Have a virtual cookie!
  3. Thanks for the answer! After reading the tutorial to slabs I understood what you mean. There's only a problem with the stairs now. That's absolutely true, but it doesn't make a lot of sence. The Minecraft buit-in stairs have way more than 16 states as well. I mean they have 3 properties which result in 40 blockstates. Minecraft doesn't use different blocks for the same stairs, does it? But okay. I guess I can fix that. For the slabs, at least.
  4. Hello once again, world! I have a little big Problem with custom slab/stairs blocks. When placing them, they don't adjust and just stay in their "base state". I debugged it a little bit and saw, that the right Blockstate has been computed, but when actually placing the block in World.setBlockState(...) it sets it to the wrong state (Slabs are ALWAYS on the bottom, stairs ALWAYS facing east, in outer-right shape and on the bottom as well). Guess I forgot to include something, but I can't find it any where. That's what I HAVE done... 1...in my Custom SlabBlock Class: - setDef
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