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  1. A few days ago, I created a coremod called OldBoosters, made a thread here, etc. Then I realized that it didn't follow the coremod guidelines. Signing the jar is something I need to do, as well as not bundle/fatjar/etc. the mixin library. However, first I need to seperate the coremod from the forge mod. Technically, I could say that's already done, I just need to jar them separately, maybe use jar in jar to load the mod from the coremod or visa versa. However, all the mod is doing is providing configuration to the coremod using an @Config annotation, so I was wondering if there's a better way to provide configuration to a coremod. Am I understanding the guidelines correctly in what I need to do? Is there a better way to provide the configuration I'd like?
  2. It's off by default (which seems most in line with this mod), but you can change that on a cart-by-cart basis. EDIT: Sorry, the defaults are set as config options, so you can also turn the speed cap back on for all new carts.
  3. OldBoosters Reenable the old minecart boosters from Alpha Features: The booster bug and speed cap can be turned on an off separately on a per-minecart basis. There's a config setting to set the defaults for newly placed minecarts. (by default, the booster bug is enabled and the speed cap is removed) You can bypass the setting by using an NBT tag, e.g. /summon minecraft:minecart ~ ~ ~ {EnableBoosters:true/false,RemoveCap:true/false} Notes: This is not 100% faithful to the old minecart physics still, mainly because my main goal was to re-enable the booster bug. Apparently, if you have a non-bugged cart and a bugged cart, they still accelerate, just not quite as much as two bugged carts. The Speed Cap not being present is what made these boosters super powerful, allowing hundreds of blocks per boost. The carts don't appear to go faster, just for a longer distance. Maybe there's a better term over 'speed cap'... With the speed cap in place, these boosters are only slightly better than powered rails so far as I can tell. This is a coremod (even if I'm using mixins instead of Forge's coremod arcitecture). It's also my first (released) mod. I've tested it as much as I could, but I wouldn't be surprised if I've done something against good practices/guidelines. If I have, help me out. Latest Release: https://github.com/kitlith/OldBoosters/releases/latest Source Code: https://github.com/kitlith/OldBoosters Inspired/based off of Exalm's OldDays mod. Why didn't I recreate the whole thing? I wasn't interested. Feel free to fork this for your own purposes, though.
  4. Summary: I want to change the behavior of a vanilla entity. I can think of several possible methods, but some seem better than others. Due to not being versed in (Forge) modding, I'd like to find out what the best way (in or out of the list of things I've found) to do what I'm looking to do. Background: Remember the OldDays mod? Yeah, that one, the one that reintroduced old bugs/behaviors into newer versions of Minecraft. I got a hankering recently for the old minecart mechanics we had before booster rails, but didn't want to boot up such an old version (either one that had the bug, or one that OldDays was compatible with). It really wasn't that difficult to re-create w/ MCP and the source code of the original mod, but I figure that I'd better use forge if I ever want to go anywhere with this. (Spoiler warning, I probably won't, but that doesn't stop me from trying to find the proper way to do things.) Ways I can think of to do this in forge: Hooking Minecart collision/update events and overriding default behavior there. (note, I haven't looked at an up-to-date list of events) This wouldn't be portable to any changes besides minecart changes, for instance, if I wanted to reintroduce a form of piston block duplication. Hooking a placement event and placing my extended version instead of the vanilla version. Just create a seperate item that extends the vanilla minecart and makes the behavior change. Possiby replace crafting recipe? This allows for some items to be the vanilla version and some items to be the modified version. Interesting for experiments. More fine-grained. Create a coremod. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~... I think I might actually go with the completely seperate item approach for fine-grained experimentation purposes. Would allow for directly comparing these 'old' minecarts with 'new' minecarts. Essentially a per-minecart 'new or old' setting. Am I thinking about this all wrong?
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