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  1. I am using 1.8 mostly because I cannot stand the combat system introduced in 1.9. Either way, I do not plan to update. Right, but it only allows you to pass a String (that is, the mobID), which means you can only set what kind of creature you want it to spawn, not the specifics of both the spawner and the spawned creature.
  2. Hello fellow modders, Lately I found myself at an impasse when trying to generate mob spawners in my custom structure. The generation of the spawner itself is not the problem, but rather the specifics of the spawner and the mob spawned. For the spawner itself, I want to be able to set the initial spawn delay, spawned mob, number of mobs spawned each time, spawn range, minimum and maximum delay between spawns, maximum nearby entities and required player distance to the spawner. For the spawned mob, I would like to add equipment (i.e. a weapon and armour) and maybe give it some potion effects. Now, I know how to do the latter if I have an instance of an EntityLiving, but I cannot figure out how to get said instance (and then set it) for a spawner. Please let me know if what I want is even possible with Minecraft's default classes, and, if it's not, how I would go about making custom spawner classes. Thanks in advance! PS: Here is my code for reference:
  3. First of all, please excuse my recent absence. I've been quite busy lately. What I mean is that you are referencing some other classes and interfaces in your code (most notably IItemWithMeshDefinition and EasyRegistry) in your libraries. I cannot trace the data flow of your code so I can figure out what to do myself without these files (or I'm just being stupid, hell if I know). Well, the title of this thread does say "[1.8]". That is, I'm modding in Minecraft version 1.8...
  4. I've looked around a bit, and I believe IItemPropertyGetter is a 1.9+ interface. Could you point me to the exact location of the interface so I can doublecheck? I notice you are using libraries I do not have. I haven't much experience with using libraries myself, but I'm not sure this helps out. Still, I thank you both for the quick replies.
  5. Lately, I've been stuck trying to give certain 'energy' tools a different texture, depending on whether the player is holding the tool or not. The tools should how up in an 'active' state when held, and in a 'dormant' state otherwise. The code for the switching of states work jut fine, but I cannot figure out how to change the texture depending on the state. Either changing the texture altogether or adding a second layer onto an existing texture works for me. Thanks in advance! Here is all the (potentially) relevant code:
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