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Crash report Hey, that tickles...


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Good evening, first time poster here. 


I installed a forge server the other day, had it working fine, had the very same mods in the server that are now showing as being incompatible. Now, nothing has changed, which is why I'm very confused as to why this is happening. 

Attached is the file which is showing which errors are flagging. I've looked on other forums and threads and people are saying this is because of re-uploads, even though in my case, every mod I've installed has been downloaded from CurseForge. Other threads are saying this is because of outdated forge/java. Even though I've checked for these issues, even went so far as to reinstall forge in case there was an update. I've deleted the config folder within the server folder directory, and deleted the world in case there were any conflicts within there. I'm stumped here, and I've no clue on where to go from here.  


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[minecraft/ServerLoginNetHandler]: com.mojang.authlib.GameProfile@71b55318[id=8d2985b7-6037-449c-80fa-44cc07430ef0,name=Mr___Sloth,properties={textures=[com.mojang.authlib.properties.Property@36860ecd]},legacy=false] (/my ip is here) lost connection: Disconnected

Just now, rjplays said:

Alright so that worked. However I'm now getting 1049126554_Screenshot2021-04-25202104.png.712d27f9c167f991627a151fa0c8bc49.png


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