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[1.16.5] Getting the source of a Potion Effect

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Is this for your potion effect or just any effect?

The source is only known to the PotionEntity class. And it only keeps track of throwing entities, not if it is thrown by a dispenser or something like that.

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Subscribe to EntityJoinWorldEvent. Check if the entity is a PotionEntity.

This PotionEntity needs to then somehow convey this information into the EffectInstance. An EffectInstance cannot really store any custom data, however you can do something very hacky:

ItemStack dummyStack = new ItemStack(YourModItems.DUMMY_HIDDEN_ITEM);
dummyStack.setTag(<nbt data here>);

You then need to cancel the join event and make your own PotionEntity spawn instead (you need to see how ForgeInternalHandler does it or you will cause a deadlock). Note that if you do this you must also create a custom AreaEffectCloudEntity, if that is applicable for your potion. These custom entities must then use something to the above effect so that you can later identify where the EffectInstance came from.


All in all this is very hacky.

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