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[SOLVED] How do I Make a Chest Drop it's Contents When it's Destroyed by My Item?


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I have an item that on right-click destroys blocks in a 3x3x3 volume. Blocks are dropped as intended, but chests do not drop their contents. I've tried world.destroyBlock and block.harvestBlock but neither of them do the trick. Other containers don't drop their contents either, and I've also noticed that a jukebox that is playing a disc will continue playing music after being destroyed with this item, so I must be missing something important. What's the appropriate way to destroy blocks by using an item?

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It seems like onRemove is deprecated according to the docs, and it doesn't exist in Block or AbstractBlock according to my IDE. onReplaced is the closest I could find, (although it is also deprecated) and that's  where I drop the inventory of my custom containers, so maybe that's what you meant?. onReplaced doesn't really fit what I'm trying to do here either. I was hoping there was some convenient method that handles breaking blocks in any context but that doesn't seem to be the case. Could you clarify how you might go about doing this?

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Thanks for the insight. I was able to resolve all my problems. Perhaps if I posted my code one of you would have noticed this before me, but I was removing any tile entities within the volume before destroying the blocks, which of course meant there was no inventory left to drop. Thanks for the help. 

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