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Game Refuses to Load Into World After Being Asked to Make Backup

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Last night when I was closing down the game it started saving my world. As I waited, minutes turned to hours and eventually had no choice but to force it to close. when I did, my computer froze and I had to shut it down. Today when I started up Minecraft it refused to continue loading the world after being asked if I wanted to back up the world and continued doing it each time I tried to load in. When closed the launcher showed the usual "unexpected error" message so I wen to look at the latest report and couldn't make sense of it. Below is the latest report send to the log file. Can anyone help?


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12 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

C:\Users\storm\curseforge\minecraft\Instances\Modded Edition\saves\Oh the Mods You Have Volume 3\serverconfig\

Delete this whole folder.

I deleted it, and when i tried to load the world, it came back and the world refuses to load again no matter how many times i delete that file. Do you think the world is unsalvageable?

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