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Question about tickTile() and problems finding an entity causing lag on a modded Minecraft server.


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Hi there,

I host a Minecraft Server with the Modpack MC Eternal 1.4.4 and I have some performance issues. Even though LagGoogles don't show me any problems, when making a profile with Spark I can see that there seems to be a problem with "codechicken.enderstorage.tile.TileEnderTank.update()" since 14,6% of all performance goes only to this function. It seems to have something to with an EnderTank trying to cast somthing in a smeltery or something similar. See the link to have a look on the profile yourself: https://spark.lucko.me/8REdLTNIXH

I now have two questions: 

1. I am not a mod developer so I don't understand what "Tile" means and what "tickTile()" actually does. When I have an EnderTank in-game, what is the TileEnderTank? Basically what is the concept of a "Tile" and what does "TileTick" do?

2. I disabled all chunkloading by mods and the issue persists, meaning something seems to load the chunk. I can not locate the EnderTank cause I checked all loaded chunks manually and I could not find it anywhere. So my second question is: How can I locate the EnderTank causing the lag? 

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