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[1.16.5] Custom Recipe Type using fuel


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Hi, I want to create a new Recipe Type for my mod. It should use the same fuel as a furnace. I already did some research but got more and more confused. So I decided to ask for help here.

It would be nice if someone could fork my code and do a pull request: https://github.com/DasHeinzchen/MoreOres/tree/v._1.1 

The recipe itself should work like the one of the furnace, just for the Crusher. Explanations how it works to create Recipe Types can be posted down below, too. (Or as comments at the code)

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To get an Item's burn time, call ForgeHooks.getBurnTime(stack)

You could check if an item has burn time and if it doesn't, you can prevent it from being placed in the Fuel slot.

I recommend checking the AbstractFurnaceTileEntity class fore more information. Also, creating Recipes is pretty difficult to explain in a short text. I recommend you taking a closer look at abstractCookingRecipe as well as CookingRecipe since they work pretty much the way you need. Maybe it'll even be possible to simply create another instance of abstractCookingRecipe and use it in another instance of AbstractFurnaceBlock. 

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