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🎮 MineScape 🎮 | RuneScape in Minecraft MMORPG | Quests | Skills | Bosses | PVE | PVP | Much More


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➤ IP: play.minescape.me
➤ Website: https://minescape.me
➤ Map: https://minescape.me/map/
➤ Discord: https://discord.gg/minescape

What is MineScape?

Have you ever played Runescape? Would you like to see it remade in Minecraft on such an amazing scale? Or are you just wanting to play the greatest MMORPG ever made in Minecraft?
All for free!

MineScape recreates the beautiful world of Geilinor from the classic game, Old School RuneScape.
All this is made possible on Vanilla Minecraft, utilizing a resourcepack downloaded when you join the server!


MineScape Features

➤ Skilling: With 22 unique custom coded skills, this isn't your classic McMMO server!

➤ Trading: Trade with npc shops, or use the Grand Exchange and player to player trading.

➤ Mob Loot: Fight against player mobs or custom modeled monsters to receive unique drops!

➤ PVP: Test your skills against other players at the Duel arena or in the Wilderness PVP area

➤ Questing: 21 Custom made quests, involving gathering resources and slaying monsters.

➤ Hiscores: Compete on our hiscores to be the best in each skill, with no limit to experience!

➤ Double EXP: Double experience in each skill each weekend or when you vote!

➤ & So much more, so join today!


MineScape Images
(Taken with sildurs vibrant shaderpack)



No membership or payment required to play the full game!


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