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FTB D20 kickback to main menu after starting the world


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Hello, my friend is experiencing trouble with FTB D20 (1. 7. 10) - after starting the world it immediately kicks him back to main menu. Firstly, I gotta say he has some mods added to the modpack (like 15 mods), but it ran smoothly for a long time, so the mods are not in conflict per se. Here is a log - hope it's correct. https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/0874858c2afe49dbb0104ed25edef782

If you have any idea what might be going on, please help:) Btw - I just found out that supposedly his GF force turned off PC while the minecraft world was still running at night. Wonder if this might be the issue so it corrupted the save somehow? Thanks:))

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