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A oldschool minecraft faction server


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Haii guys,

My name is Replayz_. I am a now very old minecraft player. I am currently 20 years old and have been active on minecraft again for a while now, after not playing for about four years. There is just something that I have noticed.

Back in the day when I played minecraft a lot (1.6/1.7), factions was my favorite gamemode. I notice that now that I'm back again a lot has changed in this mode. Of course that makes sense. Still I miss the old faction servers.

That's why I'm thinking of setting up an oldschool Minecraft faction server myself. For this I first wanted to know if there was any demand for it. What does this mean exactly?

  • - no custom enchants or items
  • - no wallgen buckets or other crazy machines
  • - Basically, no spawners in the shop either (but we can add spawners if you want).
  • - spawnbases and spawnpvp (but of course also a warp pvp)
  • - normal ranks with normal prices
  • - normal 1.7/1.8 pvp mechanics (so not this bs pvp way there is now)

and so on.

What does the current minecraft community think about this? Would you guys like this? I'm very curious to the reactions!




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