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Minecraft forge failed to build in intellj


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There have been new developments. Please go to https://launchermeta.mojang.com/mc/game/version_manifest.json in your browser and inspect the HTTPS certificate (usually you can find it by clicking the lock icon next to the URL).

Please post the valid from and valid to dates as well as the fingerprints. Ideally just a screenshot. You can use https://imgur.com/ to post screenshots.

It should look similar to this (mine is in German, but that doesn't really matter):


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You are being subject to a Man in the Middle attack. The certificate you are being served is not the correct certificate for mojang.com.

This might be through your anti virus software (disable it to check, but some do not get fully disabled, so removing them is the only option). It might also be your ISP. In either case I would highly recommend switching the service as this is absolutely unacceptable behavior on their part.

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