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Interface method implemented in superclass not working after reobfuscation


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I have a class implementing IInventory that relies on a superclass to provide implementations for its methods. There's a message here https://github.com/BuildCraft/BuildCraft/pull/726 mentioning that this won't work unless you use reobfuscate_srg.sh instead of reobfuscate.sh.


However, I am using reobfuscate_srg.sh, and it still doesn't work. I get:


2013-07-28 19:24:23 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] java.lang.AbstractMethodError
2013-07-28 19:24:23 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] 	at net.minecraft.inventory.Slot.func_75211_c(Slot.java:91)


where that line is doing


return this.inventory.getStackInSlot(this.slotIndex);


It works unobfuscated, but not obfuscated. I'm using Forge


Anyone have any ideas?

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i tried recreating the error, but i didn't get any. but then i didn't really try too hard and i'm using maybe try updating? or maybe try explicitly implementing it in the subclass as well and then just call the super in each method and see if that works


edit: misunderstood your post. my new answer: i have no idea. but why not just implement it in your superclass as well? (does that question make sense or did i misunderstand again?)

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