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Exonus - Survival/RPG/Seasons/Custom Enchants. Express yourself!


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Exonus was born in 2021 December. Earlier this project was a small private server with custom-made plugins. We had a small and friendly community. But after a couple of seasons we wanted to open Exonus for everyone, and we did. So I introduce you - Exonus.

Server idea

Server is based on RPG/Survival mashup. We can say it's 50/50 of both. Our vision is that every player who spends time in a server has something to do in it. We implemented over 300 quests, over 200 clue scrolls and much more to explore.





Server has four seasons. Each season has its own beauty and below you can find short summary of every one of them

• Winter. You'll have to wear some sort of armor and stay inside as long as possible. Otherwise, you'll get cold and probably die. No one grows plants outside at his moment so you'll have to cover them with some sort of roof. There'll be lots of snow, polar bears, foxes, nights will be longer and days shorter.

• Spring. Nature comes back to life. Leafs will turn pink, lots and lots of flowers growing outside. I hope you like bees, because there'll be lots of them! 

• Summer. Every flower that spawned during the spring will be gone. Lots of berry bushes, crops growing outside will have 2 x growing speed, nights shorter and days longer. 

• Fall. Everything will have gray tone to it. For example, leafs will turn grayish/brownish. Lots of bats spawning, foxes, mushrooms and spiders.


We implemented temperature system. It's not difficult to understand so that you enjoy playing in server.



After you enter the server you'll be granted ,,Member" rank. With this rank you'll be able to create 1 land and extend it for 2 chunks.

As soon as you create land you'll be come the king of it. You'll have two options - live by yourself or open your land for everyone. That means you can rent it for others and they'll have to pay taxes for using it.

Wars. You can declare war to any land there is on the server. As soon as you declare you'll have 24 hours to prepare for it.

But if you like to live peacefully - you can trade with other lands for resources. Everything depends on you. Express yourself!


Daily shop.

Rather than using traditional shops - we use daily shop. That means every 24hours new items will be on the shop for you to buy or sell.



Every night server will roll a dice. If it lands on specific number - that night will be a nightmare. That means strong mobs will spawn, you'll have smaller view distance and you can't sleep through it. So, prepare yourself or hide in caves!


Clue scrolls.

For specific amount amount of EXP you can buy clue scrolls. Clue scroll levels ranges from common to legendary. Each level grants you prizes for completing it. So go on adventure!


Custom fishing.

We wanted to upgrade boring vanilla fishing. And we did! You can buy different types of baits and each bait will catch different fishes. Also worth to mention is that at random time there'll be tournaments for you to participate in. Who catches the most fishes - wins!


Custom enchants.

We implemented over 200 custom enchants for you to discover and make your life easy.



Over 300 quests. Can you do them all?



Over 2000 questions to test your knowledge.



Website: https://www.exonus.lt

Servers IP: mc.exonus.lt /

Discord: https://discord.gg/VB7Y6FHy7Q 

Server starts on: January 14th 9 p.m.

Version: 1.17.1

We would like to inform that there are lots of Lithuanians in discord server. Don't be scared because we all speak English. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything - feel free!


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