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Is there any way to automatically install mods for the client that are installed on the server ?


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On 2/10/2022 at 1:19 PM, diesieben07 said:

No, and this is a terrible idea.

Why? Because it's an easy way to distribute malware?

I think you could probably make an implementation like this involve a massive, intimidating, scary warning + confirmation message, stating the server requires you to grant it unsupervised file distribution permissions, which technically allow whoever manages the server to ship you any file(s) they decide. And that you should never allow this option to be used by a public server, only when playing amongst friends that you trust blindly?
Something like that?

It would make my life as the server-managing-person amongst my friends a lot easier at least 😛 


"It is easy to improve your worst, but that doesn't mean you're doing your best"
- Perrydiculous

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In addition to the fact that Forge will never add a mechanism like this for the reasons you already discovered (malware), this is just something that is currently not possible in the engine. At the moment there is no way to dynamically add and remove blocks or other registry entries to the game.

Even if that limitation is overcome (which it certainly can be), mods are not written in a way that supports hot-swapping them in and out.

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