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make client side blocks and teleport player client side (without op) +0.01 blocks in the direction the player is facing


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Hi! I don't have a base. Since I've never coded on forge, if you have the time please help me get a mod that can teleport the player in the direction they are facing +0.01 blocks forward

I want this because I set up a server that the goal is to teleport forward (0.01 blocks) and first person to get to the finish line wins, I'm currently designing the map. I need it to teleport you because the race is where you cant move, you can only teleport, I'm also making a parkour race as well, and many more. My end goal is to make this as fun as possible for all the players

If someone can, please make it with the addition of a client side command? (command: /ctp *client tp*)

uhh yeah that's it, looking for a kind human to get it done
Bye! and have a great rest of your day yall!

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