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Roguelike Adventures And Dungeons REVAMP! PVE/ Economy/ Community


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Hello all, I am here offering to all a new home for players to join and fit in. I am a part of a large gaming group that plays multiple different games across the gaming spectrum we are known as DTP (disturbing the peace). We have recently bought a ROD Revamped server with 200 player slots, High FPS and latency as far as minecraft goes anyways. We are looking to expand our player base and add to the minecraft community we have brewing within the game. The server is only about a week old so there is still plenty to do, find and loot. If you have never player ROD before its a addictive adventuring modpack with something for all players types in it. Come by our discord to check out all the info and find the server IP as well! We hope to see you all in game! https://discord.gg/nFApMBpr

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