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Does Forge change/break contraptions, core mechanics, Redstone, etc behavior vs Vanilla in any way?

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There are a few Forge specific mods that I would dearly love to use on my new server, but my friend whom I'm setting up the new server with has expressed concerns that Forge may break or change some core mechanics that might make some farms/contraptions/Redstone devices that work in Vanilla or Fabric not work in Forge.

They have sent me a few links to some Twitch minecrafters that have commented that "Forge changes Redstone behavior" or "Certain farms are broken on Forge but not Vanilla", however, I've never experienced this myself, and haven't found or seen any actual examples of this being the case.  I've scoured Youtube and can't find anyone saying "This contraption doesn't work on Forge". 

I spoke to a mod developer who mentioned that there may have been small bugs where this might have been the case in extremely complicated builds, but he is not of aware of this still being an issue or concern. And he mentioned that any instance where something might break would definitely be considered a bug and should be reported and it would/could be fixed, as Forge explicitly doesn't intend to change any vanilla behavior.

It just seems much more rumor than fact that Forge might break things, and just wanted to see if anyone had any input. Thank you!

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