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[1.17.x] How to make a block that can become indestructible when I apply some powder on it ?


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I'm a newbie in the Minecraft modding but I know the Java's basics. I use Intellij IDEA. The mod is intended for 1.17.x

I'm making a sort of Aether Mod (in order to train). Currently, I am creating a block which can become indestructible when I apply some Luminite powder (a new crystal transformed into powder). This block is called Urzil and it will be used in the dungeon where it is, by default, indestructible.

My question is how should I proceed to code that ? Should I look the Redstone-Lamp-Block JavaClass and "copy" the code or should I search through the tons of Minecraft code until I find the good method per example ?

I have created an abstract JavaClass called "ChargeableBlocks"  (in a folder named "Common") which contains the Urzil feature. As a matter of fact, I planned to create other ones for more dungeons. Then, I will place the UrzilClass in the same folder

I watched some video (TurtyWurty and Kaupenjoe) but I understand nothing that can help me.

The part of ChargeableBlock's JavaClass below is obviously incomplete. I haven't coded the Luminite Powder yet.

If someone can help (or correct) me please. I'm lost




package fr.vat.mymod.common.block;

import net.minecraft.core.BlockPos;
import net.minecraft.world.InteractionHand;
import net.minecraft.world.InteractionResult;
import net.minecraft.world.entity.player.Player;
import net.minecraft.world.level.Level;
import net.minecraft.world.level.block.Block;
import net.minecraft.world.level.block.state.BlockBehaviour;
import net.minecraft.world.level.block.state.BlockState;
import net.minecraft.world.level.block.state.StateDefinition;
import net.minecraft.world.level.block.state.properties.BooleanProperty;
import net.minecraft.world.phys.BlockHitResult;

public abstract class ChargeableBlocks extends Block {
    public static final BooleanProperty CHARGED = BooleanProperty.create("charged");

    public ChargeableBlocks(BlockBehaviour.Properties properties) {
        this.registerDefaultState(this.defaultBlockState().setValue(CHARGED, Boolean.valueOf(false)));

    protected void createBlockStateDefinition(StateDefinition.Builder<Block, BlockState> pBuilder) {

    public InteractionResult use(BlockState pState, Level pLevel, BlockPos pPos, Player pPlayer, InteractionHand pHand, BlockHitResult pHit) 	{


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