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Minecraft Server Questions

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I would like to setup a Minecraft server for my family, relatives and friends to play on together. But I have several questions on this.

So there is a Bedrock version and a Java version. The devices owned by the people who will play on this server are: 3 x Nintendo Switch, 1 x iPad and 3 x Macbooks. Is it possible for us to play on the same server? can you copy and paste into a minecraft book Seems like you can only play on newer Macbooks? (Those I have are a few years old and not using M1).

I already have a regular webhosting shared account for some websites I run, so I can setup the Minecraft server on this, or does it need a dedicated server to only run Minecraft?

If a dedicated server is needed, where would you recommend to rent this for a game of only about 10 people?

Would greatly appreciate any insights on this.

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As far as I know there is no crossplay between Bedrock and Java edition. All players need the same edition.

A shared webhosting account cannot be used to run a Minecraft server, you either need to rent a dedicated Minecraft server host or set one up yourself using a virtual server.

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You can use Geyser to be able to play with bedrock players. You can google it. It is pretty stable but some stuff might be broken / not working as intended. If you want people from outside your network to join, you would need an host. You could also host it yourself and use a VPN as a way for your outside friends to join without having to share your ip. If you choose to host it yourself, people can only join when your computer runs the server.

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Forge doesn't provide any cross-platform functionality, sadly, but... From what I understood when researching this in the recent past, there's one piece of software that makes crossplay possible, named Geyser.
However, this wouldn't allow much more than a Vanilla server to be hosted, since any client-sided mod-requirements exclude Bedrock players from joining.

Besides, I have no clue whether or not the software's actually any good. All I know is that it wasn't a "first-hit-google-result", but other than it being hard to find, it seemed legit.
(so I know nothing about stability/reliability)


... aaaand I now see Maxx_Qc already posted basically the same thing, just differently 😛

Also, I'm not clicking random links and Googling Techupnew Minecraft gave a bunch of sketchy results, so I wouldn't put my faith in that, personally.


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- Perrydiculous

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