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Looking for a modder for an already well started mmorpg server


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Hi, I've been working on a modded adventure/mmo/rpg server for over a year, today I'm almost at the end of the "preparation" part (map, item, money, mob... finished) but it I am missing a part that I am unable to do, the "class" part: 1. I am trying to prevent right clicks and left clicks on certain items for players who will not have the correct scoreboard value. 2. (same for armor) Prevent players who don't have the correct scoreboard value from equipping certain armors. 3. the weapons and armor to be "blocked" will not necessarily be items from vanilla Minecraft or from my mod, they may come from other mods that I use: Tinkers Construct, electrolobob's wizardry...
So I'm looking for someone to work with who could do that to me and certainly something else. I'll let you pm me if you want to know more. Thanks a lot

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