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Hotbar is white when selectig an item. If slot is empty everything is fine.


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Yesterday I woke up and decided to play minecraft Lotr Mod Legacy version 36.14 using the recommended forge installer for 1.7.10. Without having changed any settings I quickly realized that the hotbar would turn white and the menu would disappear and be all bugged if i selected an item in the hotbar. if i selected an empty slot there would be no issues. I've searched around and seen this issue with optifine. After doing all the optifine edits with no change I decided to remove optifine and just use my lotr and adveture backpacks mods. Still no fix. I then did a brand new .minecraft file with only forge installed and I found I had the same issue. So somehow I have an issue with Forge making my hotbar white and crosshairs disappearing. Please help I have no idea how to fix this.

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