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Help Needed with new launcher project.


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Hello! I am the author of the BTSP minecraft launcher, a custom lightweight launcher that was quite good with modding.


I am in the process of updating it to the 1.6 launcher architecture. somebody at Mojang finally got something right, and the launcher-game API system is really good. there are args and option for just about everything,

as well as CPW's new loader thingy (LOOOVE IT!) ;D


anyhooo.... I think that a Launcher that directly supported forge and mods would be really awesome, and if it got good enough and Lex was having a good day, in the long run it could be made official.


so i'm wondering if there's anyone out there who would be interested in helping me with this. right now its me and my friend, but the going is really slow. we have Github setup and are using EGit in eclipse. for the Gui were using WindowBuilder Pro.


also im planning on changing the name, it has so little to do with the original that a new name would be a good idea.

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