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How to name the latest item of forge【1.12.2】


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Today I am learning how to create an item in forge

But I have some small problems when naming item

His name has always been

item.ITEM_ Name (set with settranslationkey (name).Name)

Like my Genshin_ stone

Then his name is item.genshin_ stone.name

There is no problem with the texture

//itemBase class
public class ItemBase extends Item implements IHasModel {
    private Item item = new Item();
    public ItemBase(String name, CreativeTabs tab, int maxStackSize){
//        this.setTranslationKey(name);
    public void registerModels(){
        cn.lmfans.genshin.genshin.proxy.ClientProxy.registerItemRenderer(this, 0, "inventory");
//        genshin.CommonProxy.registerItemRenderer(this, 0, "inventory");

//ModItems class
public class ModItems {
    public static final List<Item> ITEMS = new ArrayList<Item>();

    public static final Item GENSHIN_STONE = new ItemBase("genshin_stone", CreativeTabs.MATERIALS,160);
//    public static final Item genshinStone = new Item();

Please teach me how to solve this problem. He has stuck me for several days

Solutions used:

Try en_us.json

Try en_US.json

Try en_US.lang

Try another language.Lang

Try another language.Json

Try adding pack.mcmeta

Try using setunlicalizedname (although not found)

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