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Greg's French Vanilla for Minecraft 1.6.2


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French Vanilla


This mod adds enhanced abilities to some vanilla game elements.


It has an unusual feature: It operates entirely on the server side. Despite being a Forge mod, it allows a standard, unmodified client to connect in multiplayer. It is not necessary for Forge to be installed on the client, unless other Forge mods are being used.


Features currently implemented



Ever get frustrated that the only way to change a sign is to break it and re-type the whole thing? Now you can edit the text of a previously placed sign by right-clicking on it with a piece of charcoal. And that's not all: if you break a sign with your hand, it keeps its text, and you can place it down somewhere else without losing the text.





A picked-up sign shows its text when you mouse over it in your inventory.


Home Page


For full details and download instructions, see:




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