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Any good tutorials around playermodel?


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So I am working with my son to build a mod. 

one thing we want to do is swap the player model. I was wondering if there is any good tutorials around how to modify or change the player model?


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What are you trying to accomplish? There are ways to swap the player model, but that tends to make some incompatibilities with other mods. There may be a better solution if you explain if you're just appending onto the existing model or are replacing the entire model.

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Posted (edited)

Sorry been a long couple of days. 

so we are wanting to create a mod that will allow us to change into a set number of things. Models and mobs that we are creating ourselves using blockbench. 

Eg a car or bike. 

basically we will have a key that we can configure the change between forms. 

so swapping the whole model. Even turning it to non bipedal model. 

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