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Access to ApplyRandomTrade in VillagerRegistry


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I'm currently working on a mod that will add villagers. How ever, I want to have custom conditions that needs to be fulfilled before a certain villager type can be selected when a new willager is spawned.


I have not found a way to do this currently, but then again I'm compleatley new to minecraft moding so I might be missing something. If so I'd greatley apreciate being pointed in the right direction :)


If how ever there currently is no method, I have done the following modification to VillagerRegistry to allow it.


Added the following:

private Map<Integer, IVillageSpawnCondition> spawnConditionHandlers = Maps.newHashMap();

     * Allow access to the random profession selection for new villagers.
    public interface IVillageSpawnCondition
         * Called to allow profession to be excluded from the random selection when a new villager is created.
         * @param villager
        boolean typeIsValidForVillager( EntityVillager villager, Random random );

     * Register a new villager spawn condition for the specified villager type
     * @param villagerId
     * @param handler
    public void registerVillageSpawnCondition(int villagerId, IVillageSpawnCondition handler)
        spawnConditionHandlers.put(villagerId, handler);


Modified ApplyRandomTrade as follows:

public static void applyRandomTrade(EntityVillager villager, Random rand)
        // Select only the villager id's that fulfills their validation for spawning at this time.
        // If no spawn condition is set for an id we assume it is valid.
        List<Integer> validVillagerIds = Lists.newArrayList();
        for ( int i = 0; i < instance().newVillagerIds.size(); i++ ) {
            if ( instance().spawnConditionHandlers.get( instance().newVillagerIds.get( i ) ) == null )
                validVillagerIds.add( instance().newVillagerIds.get( i ) );
            else if ( instance().spawnConditionHandlers.get( instance().newVillagerIds.get( i ) ).typeIsValidForVillager( villager, rand ) )
                validVillagerIds.add( instance().newVillagerIds.get( i ) );

        // Randomize from the list of validated types instead of the entire list.
        int extra = validVillagerIds.size();
        int trade = rand.nextInt(5 + extra);
        villager.setProfession(trade < 5 ? trade : validVillagerIds.get(trade - 5));


This was based on how the villager trade registering is set up. Any feedback is welcome, as I'm so new to this I don't think a dare post a pull request before I have had some feedback  :o

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