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HeldenMC | A new Minecraft Semi-Vanilla server | SMP | 1.19 | JAVA | Aurelium | LevelledMobs | Jobs | Large World | Live Atlas


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 🌹 Experience Minecraft in its best form!

Server IP: Playhelden.com

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/3CsN8gCzhc

Let me tell you about Helden,

Helden is a server that has been around for many years! We're a community filled with friendly and adventurous members, our priority is creating a safe and fair experience for everyone.

If you're looking for a server to spend time on, make new friends and enjoy the best aspects of Minecraft Survival, this one is for you!


(ℹ) What makes it so fun?

We are working with many plugins combined to ensure the best experience possible.



🏹 Levelled Mobs ↩

All of our hostile mobs are levelled to a players capabilities, if you're just starting out on our server you won't face too many difficult monsters, but the more you advance, the creatures get stronger as well!

Eco Enchants ↩

We have over 100 custom enchants to enhance a players experience, do you think you know all of Minecrafts enchants? There's many many more to explore here!

🕵️♀️ Active Staff Team ↩

Our staff team is very active and constantly making sure the server stays a safe and welcoming place, we're also rolling out updates frequently and hosting events every now and then!

🪂 Skill System ↩

You've got many things to learn! Learn to fish, build, hunt and much more! With over 7 different skills to master there's always something to do.

💸 Jobs ↩

There's many jobs to choose from to start making in-game money on our server! Hunt monsters, chop wood or head into the mines! Working has never been so fun!


🔨 Build Team

We're encouraging players to unleash their creativity into their builds.

We have a build team of over 20 players on our server, these people help us provide new structures to explore for the players!

Have you always wanted a place to show what you're capable of? We're here to help you with anything you need!





Question 1: How old do I need to be in order to play on this server?

We maintain a 15+ age requirement, as long as you're mature enough to handle situations and play by the rules you're welcome!


Question 2: What version do I need to play on?

Currently we're operating on 1.19.3 which is the latest version of Minecraft


Question 3: I want to join the build team! Where do I apply?

Join our Discord that is linked above and open a ticket to apply for the build team!


Question 4: Are there resets on this server?

Our world has remained the same since the beginning of the 1.19 server, we have no plans on resetting the world so your builds are safe!




👋 Thanks for listening, see you on the server!

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