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[1.19.3] Help with custom TNT?


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Hello, I am unable to register a custom TNT block I made. I am getting two errors, one in the constructor in my Primed_Dynamite class. I am unsure of what type to cast, here is the code for it:

public Primed_Dynamite(Level p_32079_, double p_32080_, double p_32081_, double p_32082_, @Nullable LivingEntity p_32083_) {
	      //this(CustomEntityType.DYNAMITE, p_32079_);
		  this((EntityType<Primed_Dynamite>)CustomEntityType.PRIMED_DYNAMITE, p_32079_);
	      this.setPos(p_32080_, p_32081_, p_32082_);
	      double d0 = p_32079_.random.nextDouble() * (double)((float)Math.PI * 2F);
	      this.setDeltaMovement(-Math.sin(d0) * 0.02D, (double)0.2F, -Math.cos(d0) * 0.02D);
	      this.xo = p_32080_;
	      this.yo = p_32081_;
	      this.zo = p_32082_;
	      this.owner = p_32083_;

I am also clueless as to how to make a registryObject for the primed dynamite entity, with my current code I get the errors: "The method register(String, Supplier<? extends I>) in the type DeferredRegister<EntityType<?>> is not applicable for the arguments (String, () -> {})" and "The method build(null) is undefined for the type Block"


public static final RegistryObject<EntityType<Primed_Dynamite>> PRIMED_DYNAMITE =
	                    () -> EntityType.Builder.of(Primed_Dynamite::new, ModBlocks.DYNAMITE.get().build(null)));


Here is my github repositry and the specific files in question:





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10 hours ago, Johnnycakes said:
		  this((EntityType<Primed_Dynamite>)CustomEntityType.PRIMED_DYNAMITE, p_32079_);

You shouldn't need to cast anything. Take a look at what type its asking for and what you are supplying it.

10 hours ago, Johnnycakes said:

I am also clueless as to how to make a registryObject for the primed dynamite entity, with my current code I get the errors: "The method register(String, Supplier<? extends I>) in the type DeferredRegister<EntityType<?>> is not applicable for the arguments (String, () -> {})" and "The method build(null) is undefined for the type Block"


Makes sense, EntityType$Builder is not a valid object to supply. Additionally `Block#build` doesn't exist. I suggest looking once again at what is available since you seem to have performed an incorrect copy.

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18 hours ago, Johnnycakes said:

What is the proper way to register an entity if EntityType$Builder objects are not valid to supply? Because after reading the forge docs it seems like entities can only be created using their $Builder classes.

They are. It's just that, as mentioned, EntityType$Builder is not a valid type to supply for EntityType. You can get an EntityType from an EntityType$Builder via #build. Block#build is not a valid method. I believe you can figure out the rest if you read your code.

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