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Project Ozone 3 Mythic diff. world crash.

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first time posting, my English sucks if make any mistakes please inform and go easy on me.

started playing PO3 mythic diff solo on pc. few weeks ago. last time i saved and logged off just fine. now i try to start my world it loads fine then crashes before the map loads.

tried backups .. they all do the same.

started to make a backup of my own and mess around with the files .. it seems on of the region files is the problem .. specificaly "r.1.-2.mca"

this is how it went so far :

- world keeps crashing .. (( i play solo not online on a server)) and i suck with PCs so i started messing around.

- transferred all files to a new save till i found out that world only crashes when i transfer region file ((r.1.-2.mcs)).

-with out ((r.1.-2.mca)) can load world but on a differant seed sense i don't know my main seed and with out my base. ( i play sky block so i'm just stranded mid air as i think this region has the chunk my base on ... not sure tho case im new to this).

-checked online found about minecraft region fixer, tried it it says no chunks are corrupted.

-thought problem was too many entities ((i made a fluid cow farm for my fluid needs with maybe 100 cow or so)) so i did the following:

  -removed moofluids mod and started world --> world still crashes.

  -used region fixer to remove all entities --> world still crashes.

  -returned everything as it is --> world still crashes.



-downgraded my forge MC po3 version to previous version (tried like 5 versions before) --> world still crashes.

-uninstalled the whole forge client and all instances and reinstalled everything --> world still crashes.

-thought problem might be memory or gpu so i transfered everything on my main pc setup gtx 3080ti --> world still crashes.

- tried all the above again on main pc --> world still crashes.

-tried messing around with mods after checking crash report --> world still crashes.

-tried changing algorithms (( tried all of them )) --> world still crashes.


now i'm pretty much out of ideas... each time i try something new i have to restart game which takes about 15 minutes to load (( on my shitty setup )) i restarted like 100 times or so, so im kinda all worn out.

please help.

i dont know about this site regulation but i dont mind uploading crash report or a zip of my world anywhere if that help.

i sank a lot of time into this world please help.

awaiting reply.

and thanx in advance.


ps. i the noobest noob ever so please go slow explaining whatever.

pss. i think pastepin is ok in here so amma attach a link to my crash report maybe this with move things a lil faster.


psss. if u want e to upload zip save file or the .mca file please tell me where to upload and i will. i already have my save file zip uploaded and ready.

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