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Alikemind SMP * Brand new vanilla+ SMP * Whitelist * Starting in the next week


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About Alikemind


Alikemind SMP is a brand new Minecraft server that will focus on community, conversation, and fun. We want to focus on bringing people together that have like minds, and building communities based off those shared hobbies/games/beliefs. Currently, this SMP is the very beginning of something that we hope to grow into several different servers/games. Right now, its just me, sauce, but I hope to eventually grow a team of people to branch off into different projects. Community is important, and we want to make sure everyone has one to be a part of.


About the server!


We want to keep this server pretty close to vanilla Minecraft. Any additional plugins/features of the server will be voted on by the members that end up joining over the next few days! Any decisions for the server as a whole will be put under a vote. The server will be starting as soon as we fill in the available slots (20-30), but we are aiming for an absolute latest date of 3/10/23. Until then, we will put in a temporary map/survival map to allow people to get to know each other/get rid of any boredom!


Some things that we would have a vote for include:

1. Border to start off with?

2. Various plugins.

3. Set currency system or bartering?

4. When to reset the map (want to have enough time for big builds, but a short enough time not to go stale)

5. When to do bigger events (the end, uhc, etc)


But any ideas are welcome and can be voted on!




- 17+ (We want to build a community of more mature people, there might be exceptions made, but for the most part this will be 17+ only)

- The basics (no stealing, no griefing, no cheating, no random killing, be nice, have fun)

- Have a mic (You don't have to hop into calls 24/7, but to build a community it'd be nice to talk with everyone every once in a while!)

- Any other rules I think are better figured out as we go (and voted on of course)


How to apply?


You can apply in our discord here: https://discord.gg/YENxpvpX . If you'd like, go ahead and post a "I sent in an application comment on this thread to keep more eyes on the post! Effort in applications are appreciated!



1. Discord Username:

2. Minecraft Username:

3. What name do you go by?

4. Why do you want to join the server?

5. What's your favorite part of Minecraft?

6. What are some features you'd want to go up for a vote?

7. What are some of your hobbies/interests?

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