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Runic Realms

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Runic Realms (RR) is a Minecraft MMORPG server that is setting a new standard in the genre! Completely custom and built from the ground up, RR aims to provide players with an RPG experience like never before, and good news, WE'RE HIRING!


Being a part of the Writer Team, means you have a passion for storytelling! Your main responsibilities in this role will be to fill the Realm of Alterra with rich content for our players to enjoy.

  • Create and design mob bosses, quests, and items
  • Knowledge of editing config files and our custom plugins
  • No coding knowledge needed


The Build Team is responsible for constructing the various locations around the Realm of Alterra. As a builder, you are expected to help design and create structures, landscapes, and various other elements that make up the world.

  • Be able to confidently build in a medieval fantasy style
  • Work well in a team when building group projects
  • Be able to provide high-quality images of your work


If you are interested in applying for either role, please reply to this thread with your DISCORD NAME with number and DESIRED POSITION and we will get back to you, GOOD LUCK!


Image and Image link below:


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