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Getting "preparing for world creation" and world selection menu changed after installing CurseForge Minecraft

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I don't have a problem playing Minecraft. It runs fine but it's just that I don't think this is what I had before installing CurseForge.


I don't think I had this before using CurseForge.

From what I remember, it took me to:


directly, but now, this "preparing for world creation" then I'm getting:


when there are no worlds. I'm expecting the "Select World" menu.

When I create a world, I do get:


So, I uninstalled both CurseForge, OverWolf, and Minecraft launcher and DID remove the curseforge minecraft directory at `C:\Users\[MY NAME]\curseforge\minecraft\Install\game` and `C:\Users\[MY NAME]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft`.

This still persists after reinstalling Minecraft. These screenshots are taken after reinstalling today.

So, I want to know how to "reset to factory setting" a Minecraft and UNDO what CurseForge Minecraft did.

I seriously can't play without knowing what happened to my installation, and that this may happen again later with other CurseForge-like programs. Like, playing CurseForge Minecraft did something to it because worlds that I created in the 'original' Minecraft weren't available in the world selection when I launched Minecraft from Forge.

Was there some Regedit changes made and something? So many things are installed in a hidden directories and not removed when uninstalling programs. HELP PLEASE.

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