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Minecraft 1.16.5 Keeps crashing.


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The only version that doesn't work on my Minecraft Java is 1.16.5. Conveniently, this is the only version I can play a specific mod on. Every time I run this version (with or without Forge) it keeps crashing, the error codes changing as I changed the RAM from 2 to 4 but that didn't help. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Forge, Trying different Java versions but ultimately it results in the same thing. My Java is currently up to date, as it says so, and I've run out of options. My error code is 143. I know this is to do with memory, which is why I changed the RAM; but to no avail.

I should mention that with vanilla Minecraft, I am able to load until I enter a world, which is where it crashes, however, when I load with Forge, It crashes in the 'early loading stage.'

I'm out of options and would really appreciate some help. :/

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You should probably get vanilla Minecraft stable before you start using Forge, so I would suggest looking through that debug.log and see where it crashes for what reason. 4GB of RAM should be more than enough to play Minecraft, so it's either configured incorrectly, or your machine cannot dedicate that much RAM to the game currently, which would mean you need to close some processes or you don't have enough RAM in your machine to begin with.

Regardless, the version you are using is no longer supported on this forum.

Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.

Currently supported versions are 1.19.4 (Latest) and 1.18.2 (LTS).

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