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Recipe Book Menus and Sidedness

Warren Tode

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Not sure what else to title this, but anyway...

So my custom furnace works great now, and my sons are happy with it, and I finally got around to trying my hand at setting up a recipe book for it. So I know it works fine in the normal game environment without a recipe book.

I got the code for the book all set up, but the block doesn't open the menu when I right click on it. I set up a breakpoint to find out why and it's because I'm client side. There are no errors. Nothing is crashing and I'm pretty sure this is how it's supposed to behave when you're client side trying to open a menu server side. My question is, have I done something wrong here and if so how where do I even begin looking to correct it? If I haven't done anything wrong, do I just need to compile the jar and run my mod in the normal game environment? I don't even know yet if the recipe book window and buttons are lined up properly, etc. so if I have to test it this way it's going to be a pain.

I understand that for most people it's a minor cosmetic thing to have, but I would like to be able to say that I understand how it works.

If you need to see the code to answer my question, I can get that set up on my GitHub, but mostly I just wanted to know how concerned I need to be and where to start looking is all.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot: this is in Minecraft version 1.19.2 for now.

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forgot to state version of the game the mod is in
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14 hours ago, Patrizio said:

Yeah, I'd love to take a look at that.



I believe those links are for everything specific to setting up the recipe book. In any case, it's all in there and working. Just know that due to the way vanilla Minecraft is designed, the ghost recipe will not recognize damaged items as a valid ingredient, but they still work properly when manually placed inside the crafting grid.

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