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[COMMISSION] Looking for a modder to make a comprehensive vehicle mod template for 1.12.2.

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This is my first post on the Forge forums, so if this isn’t in the right place I apologize. 

I’ve been part of a very small MC political sim server known as Fulda for the past 5ish years. We’ve done a variety of modpacks created by our server admin Mocpages over that course of time– a few notable examples being Medieval, Lord of the Rings, Modern, and Cold War. While politics and factories/ infrastructure is emphasized as the main point of this server, conflict inevitably happens, and in the instances of the Cold War and Modern modpacks, our server has been forced to use very old versions of Minecraft to accommodate all of the vehicles we need. It  has left us in a bind as how to continue making modpacks when the vehicle mods we had in the past are no longer available in new versions. There are some vehicle mods that are made for later versions (Immersive vehicles specifically), but they aren’t realistic enough for what we want. 

So, we need a vehicle mod. I and others on the Fulda server are willing to pay money to see this task completed, but our development team is not extremely well versed in java and none of us have the skills required. 

What we want:

We want a template for 4 different vehicle types; Airplane, Helicopter, Civilian Vehicle, and Military Vehicle. These templates don’t have to be a specific vehicle– they just need to be able to be duplicated and modified in such a way that they can be made into specific types by whoever is using the mod. The “Duplicate” vehicles can be added or removed without tampering with the main mod, with each new vehicle or group of vehicles essentially being add-on packs, Like how you can plug Sonic and Knuckles into Sonic 3. The vehicles will need to be rendered using OBJ files– so we can input models from a program like Blender into the game. As cool as voxel type models are, we want realistic looking vehicles, which means triangles instead of cubes like the current version of Minecraft’s built in model rendering system.

The specifics of the commission are detailed below. 


SECTION 1: Vehicle Type Specifics

All of the Vehicles will share certain generic characteristics. They will all need to be able to accommodate one or more players, and will be controlled with a combination of the WASD keys and the Mouse, plus or minus a few extra buttons for certain actions. The Shift key will be the default for dismounting, like other Minecraft mountables. They all will need to be able to take damage, and preferably, have a way to repair said damage through either a GUI or an item like a wrench. They will also all need a way to add or remove fuel. 


-Airplane: This entity will need to be able to leave the ground consistently while being controlled by a single player. The Airplane will need to obey some semblance of real world physics of a real airplane– They will not be able to take off vertically like a helicopter can, and will instead need to be driving along a flat surface at sufficient speed before lifting off. The W and S keys will throttle the engines up and down, while the A and D keys will control roll. The Airplane will follow the movement of the mouse for pitch and yaw, with the nose of the airplane pointing where the mouse cursor is currently located. If the engines are throttled to zero, the plane will glide and descend until it reaches the ground. 


-Helicopter: Unlike the Airplane, this vehicle will be able to take off vertically without needing a runway. It will obey the same key configurations as the Airplane. Also unlike the airplane, If the engines are throttled to zero, the Helicopter will drop from the sky like a rock. In order to land you will need some throttle slowly decreasing before landing on the ground. There will also need to be a limit on the amount of roll that can be sustained before crashing. A good example for control configuration is the helicopters from Rust. 


-Civilian Vehicle: This entity will need to be able to drive along the ground, being able to ascend or descend up and down hills in 1 block increments. The controls will be slightly different than the air vehicles. W and S will be forward and reverse, while A and D will turn the vehicle left or right. The mouse will be able to turn the player inside to freely look around instead of being responsible for controlling a part of the movement. 


-Military Vehicle: This entity is, functionally, exactly the same as the civilian vehicle, with the addition of a second control point. As well as the driver, Military vehicles will have a second seat where a separate player can control a mounted weapon of some kind using the mouse. The weapons will obey the layout listed below. 


SECTION 2: Weapons

All of the Vehicles, sans the Civilian Vehicle, will have the option to have weaponry of some kind. These weapons fall into 2 categories; Projectile weapons, and deployed weapons. These weapons will be used with the left and right mouse buttons, and can be rotated between using the middle mouse button scroll, if the vehicles have more than one weapon. Weapons MUST be able to damage other vehicles and destroy blocks. 


Machine Guns: Projectile weapon. Can damage other vehicles and players/ entities, but cannot break blocks. High rate of fire. 

Missiles/ Cannons: Projectile weapon. While these two are technically two very different weapons, for the sake of the mod, they’re basically the same. Large projectile with a high reload time, causes an explosion on impact that breaks blocks. Preferably has some kind of smoke trail so you can see where it’s going. 

Bombs: Deployed weapon. These weapons are specifically for the Airplane, so you don’t need to worry about adding it to any of the other vehicles. When deployed, the bomb will travel from the underside of the plane carrying it, then explode upon hitting the ground. Destroys blocks. 

Distribution of Weapons:

-Airplane: Has the option to be equipped with all three weapon types. 

-Helicopter: Has the option for Machine guns and Missiles/ Cannons, but not bombs. 

-Military Vehicle: Has the option for Machine guns and Missiles/ Cannons, but not bombs. 


SECTION 3: Inventories and GUI

All the vehicles should be able to have a GUI to access inventory space, like horses or donkeys from the base game. These inventories will be where you load ammunition for vehicles with weapons, as well as input for fuel for all vehicles. Some vehicles will need extra inventory space for cargo– for instance, a semi truck or cargo plane will have a large inventory that can contain any item, while a small plane wont have any space to put extra goods in. 


SECTION 4: Accessibility and Configurability 

All of the values above need to be configurable in some way. This means vehicle health, weapon projectile damage, range of weaponry, speed of movement,  models, inventory space on the vehicles, the amount of seats a vehicle has for players, fuel consumption, etc, need to be modifiable so we can fine tune how we want specific vehicles to function. A sports car, for instance, will have little inventory space, high speed, and low health– crashing into something would make it explode. On the other hand, an armored transport truck will guzzle fuel, have a lot of inventory space, and go relatively slow– as well as being able to take some punishment. We don’t want all of the vehicles to behave the same. Also, for multi-seated vehicles, being able to move where seats go is important. The last thing we want is someone’s head sticking through the roof of a car or right on top of whoever is driving the vehicle. 


SECTION 5: Extras

If possible, we’d like to be able to tow vehicles using another vehicle, or set them on top of lets say, an Immersive Railroading flatbed car and have them stay put when the train moves. This is very low priority but being able to move vehicles around our world map using a train would be pretty cool. 


A paint bucket tool would also be nice. Right clicking a vehicle with the item will cycle through available colors for that vehicle, so we can have a rainbow of colors for cars without needing to make an entirely new vehicle data entry for a red car or a blue car. Coincidentally enough Immersive Railroading, which I mentioned before, has that functionality for some of it’s locomotives. 


THIS IS A PAID PROJECT. We are looking for quotes. For Inquiries, contact me here: 


Discord (Preferred): QuantumKn1ght#8732

Or, if that doesn’t work,

Gmail: [email protected] 






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