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[1.19.4, SOLVED] Force compatibility with vanilla enchantments on custom weapon

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I have a weapon that extends CrossbowItem. I made its projectiles able to destroy certain blocks, but I wonder if I can make the weapon compatible with the Silk Touch enchantment--so that those destroyed blocks can drop themselves. (Of course I would have to code the logic myself after checking if the weapon has the enchantment.)

How do I do this? It seems like Silk Touch is of the "DIGGER" category, and only items extending DiggerItem (aka not my weapon) are naturally compatible with that enchantment.

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8 hours ago, LeeCrafts said:

How do I do this? It seems like Silk Touch is of the "DIGGER" category, and only items extending DiggerItem (aka not my weapon) are naturally compatible with that enchantment.

Override `Item#canApplyAtEnchantingTable` on your extended item. I will note that the enchantment has to be on whatever item the projectile hits to apply to the loot table.

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Thank you! Here is my overridden method:

public boolean canApplyAtEnchantingTable(ItemStack stack, Enchantment enchantment) {
    return enchantment == Enchantments.SILK_TOUCH || super.canApplyAtEnchantingTable(stack, enchantment);


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  • LeeCrafts changed the title to [1.19.4, SOLVED] Force compatibility with vanilla enchantments on custom weapon

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